Born and raised in Hampshire, England, my love for photography started with the basic 35mm film camera. It started as a hobby and grew into a developing talent. During college, a course in photography was introduced. With no hesitation, I immediately signed up. Thus began my two-year love affair with a film camera.

Subsequently, I was introduced into the world of black and white photography. I was instantly surrounded by many great photographers of our past. From Henri-Cartier Bresson to Ansel Adams; the power of their photographs have inspired so many, including myself. Yet there was one photographer who inspired me in more ways than one.

His name was Ralph Eugene Meatyard. A mysterious photographer that took photographs of the strange, and quite frankly, disturbing. However, there was something great about his work. Meatyard was different to other photographers; he stood out above the rest. I simply loved his imagination and creativity. As a result, I was inspired to base my photography project around his work. Our project theme for that year was movement. With a camera and a tripod in hand, I photographed the project in my dormitory, pleading my friend to be my model for the day. Using only light from the window, I watched my friend dance and jump crazily around the room, whilst I captured her movement. It was perfect. It was through the processing of that project that I truly began to love photography. Ralph Eugene Meatyard simply inspired me to pursue it further.

So it began, my first opportunity of freedom, university. The new world of digital photography awaits. With every step, I gained more experience; photographing nature to my first fashion shoot. More than a year later, I obtained my first DSLR camera, A Nikon D700. I was overwhelmed with pride and joy. With every shot, I was improving my photographic skills; composition was my main target. Honestly, I was having fun. It was just me with my camera, photographing the world. Nothing could stop me.

After graduating, I decided to take some time out to explore and travel. As much as I had enjoyed my time with my camera, I wanted more; I needed feedback on my photographs. So I decided to create a blog. On the 19th November 2010, La Plume Noire was created. Within a few months, I gained a solid readership. I received the comments and feedback that I had wished for. Yet there was always more to come.

In June 2011, I went on lifetime trip to explore Canada. It was breathtaking. Every scenery was beautiful. To be surrounded by mountains and lakes was amazing. I didn''t want to leave. In fact, I overloaded my camera. I wanted to photograph everything. To capture every moment is worth treasuring forever. The feedback I received was mind-blowing. It was the start of a successful blog. A blog that can keep on growing, and thus I am very grateful.

I am grateful for the experience that I have achieved over the last 5 years; the places that I have travelled to. Not only have I significantly improved on my photographic techniques, but it has taught me that dreams can be accomplished. All you need is that little inspiration and a huge push forward. Never forget, the world is forever changing. Capture it, and you can relive that moment forever.