News: Fresh New Photography Theme

After some consideration, I have finally decided to change to a new theme; a brighter theme. The previous layout was good, but after a while the darkness was a bit too much. Hence, I have decided to bring in the sunshine, a good splash of white paint did the job. The theme has definitely liven up the entire website, especially the homepage.

With the new theme change, I have also updated the galleries and photographs. The new thumbnails are beautiful and showcase my lovely work. The thumbnails are also randomly generated. Thus the homepage galleries are in no particular order, giving viewers new photographs to look at. The hover effect is an added bonus and works very well with the theme.

LPN New Layout A

Furthermore, I think I have fallen in love with the footer widgets. I have finally found a Flickr widget that works perfectly. It’s small, but it features my photographs very well indeed. Moving on, I’ve added the obvious social media widgets as well as the usual WordPress widgets. It’s a rather pretty and useful layout, I reckon.

LPN New Layout C

I now come to my favourite part of the site, the gallery section. It’s very similar to the previous theme. The gallery categories are still the same; if you click on one, it will automatically adjust to your chosen category. What can I say, it’s a clever design.

LPN New Layout B

The gallery posts have changed slightly. Horizontal scrolling still exists within the theme. The photographs are perhaps slightly smaller than the previous layout, but there is the new additional metadata. I would also like to introduce to you all the new built-in ‘like’ feature. By clicking on the red heart, you are essentially ‘liking’ or ‘loving’ my photographs. A great little rating feature.

LPN New Layout D

Overall, I think it’s a beautiful new theme I’ve installed. The photographs are wonderfully presented. It’s always great to update a website, it gives me something to do; as well as the fact that I can go back and re-edit my pictures. I can tell you now that I have re-edited a ton of images, old and new. Let me know what you guys think. Explore the site and give some ‘love’. I would love to hear your opinions and feedback. You can either comment on my blog or contact me via email.